Thursday 23 May 2013

The “Grande Transumanza" is taking place in the Sabina! June 2 to June 8, 2013

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On June 2, two hundred of Manlio Fani’s beautiful horses will begin to pass through thirteen municipalities of the Sabina to reach by the following Saturday their summer pastures on Mount Terminillo. They will depart from Portovecchio of Ponzano and pass through the territories of Stimigliano, Tarano, Torri, Vacone, Montasola, Cottanello, Contigliano, Morro, Rivodutri, Cantalice, Rieti and Micigliano. On June 2, the day of departure, there will be the traditional opening party and from that day will begin the parade of horses for a whole week, crossing rivers and streams. It is an arduous journey and people in all municipalities involved must prepare for the transition, because you often have to find alternative travel routes.

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In case you are interested in photographing this epic annual event we will try to direct you to some observation points

For now we can say that on June 2 the transhumance will pass nearby Vecchio Forno, the bridge area of Aja and will head to the medieval Sanctuary of Vescovio where they will stop for lunch around 13:00. Then the path continues along paths in the hills and mountains arriving the following day in Montasola. Happy photographing!

For more information on Manlio Fani and his beautiful horses, please check out this link.

For a small taste of what this looks like, check out this Youtube Video.

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