Saturday 2 December 2017

DUE PAZZI CANADESI in ITALIA: We are branching out into YouTube!

Ciao Ragazzi! Richard and I would like to announce the "soft" launch of a collaborative effort to share more of our experiences and perspectives about our life here in Sabina through videos on YouTube. 

After a lot of careful thought—ha ha!—we have chosen a channel name: 


which, for those of you who do not speak Italian, means: 


There are five very "rough cut" videos uploaded now. Two are about salt and smoke curing Leccino olives and the other concern our adventures foraging for wild greens. 

In the future we will be posting videos introducing Casperia and other amazing hill towns, archeological sites and attractions here in Sabina. We will take you to the Sagras, the local food festivals, and will take you to our favourite restaurants and bars. 

Together, we will visit L'Ulivone di Canneto, the oldest and largest olive tree in continental Europe. 

We will visit the historic Abbazia di Farfa, once the most powerful Abbeys in Medieval Europe and the inspiration for Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose.

Interior of Farfa's Abbey Church courtesy of

And we will take you on a tour of Europe's second largest garden of roses, the fascinating Vacunae Rosae at Tenuta La Tacita in Roccantica.

We will be posting interviews of some of the key people, the movers and shakers in our region: authors, photographers, historians, writers, film-makers, wine-makers, olive oil experts, ecologists, farmers, activists, teachers, crafts people, artists, poets, gattare—read "cat ladies"... 

...real estate agents, restaurateurs, bar owners, businessmen, shop owners, dancers, jazz singers, our neighbours and friends.

We will take you hunting for wild asparagus...

...and teach you how to make traditional Italian digestivi—liqueurs made from lemons, wild oranges, walnuts, wild fennel, even bay leaves.

And, of course, we will share videos on how the people here in Sabina make their famous stringozzi...

...fregnacce, pizzicotti and other pastas typical of the region we live in... and we will teach you the recipes we have learned from friends here that go best with these pastas.

And we will include lots of practical information about places to stay, how to maximise your time here...

...and while you are driving around Sabina, how to avoid getting trapped in traffic!

We want our YouTube channel to be fun as well as informative. We have lived more than three years now in this amazing, though still relatively unknown and under-visited region of Italy. Living here has truly changed and enriched our lives. The many wonderful people we have met have given us so much and we hope that through this YouTube channel we will be able to give something back. 

So we would really love for you to subscribe to our channel. You can find Due Pazzi Canadesi in Italia by clicking on the link

Remember, the first few videos are rough cuts. We have never tried to make proper videos before and we still have a lot to learn about filming and editing, so please bear with us.

Thanks in advance for subscribing to and spreading the word about DUE PAZZI CANADESI IN ITALIA.