Sunday, 2 June 2013

I CAVALLI DELLA SABINA - Following The Grande Transumanza

As mentioned in an earlier post, an amazing event is going on right now in the Sabina. This is the Great Transhumance or Grande Transumanza, the movement of about 150 beautiful horses from the Tiber Valley over the mountains to their summer pastures on Monte Terminillo. 

The owner of these horses is a man named Manio Fani, seen here at right leading his family and workers.

This event started today, June 2nd. The first leg of the journey has brought the horses, many with their cute little foals, from Ponzano to the beautful Santuario di Vescovio in Torri In Sabina. 

By the end of their journey, these amazing horses and their caregivers will have traversed the territories of these Sabine comunes: Stimigliano, Tarano, Torri, Vacone, Montasola, Cottanello, Contigliano, Morro, Rivodutri, Cantalice, Rieti and Micigliano.

These photos, taken by our friend Alessandra Finiti, show the horses arriving in Vescovio and having a rest there while the Fani family and their workers have lunch.

A little foal enjoying a rest during its first visit to the Sanctuary of Vescovio
Manlio Fani gallops across a field at Vescovio

A well-deserved rest after a roam in the Roman ruins...

I hope that Alessandra and others will keep us posted on the progress of these beautiful horses. 

Enroute to Montasola where the horses will overnight

Buon viaggio a tutti!

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